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Bulk Filter addon available

I’ve released the Bulk Filter addon for Thunderbird.  The idea behind this addon is to setup a bunch of predefined search filters for common services.  This is an experimental release to get feedback, so if you’re interested in providing any, drop me a note.  You’ll notice the folder layout is similar to the earlier teaser I posted, but not nearly as cool.  That’s due to the need to patch some code in Thunderbird itself, I’ll be trying to get that ready for review this week, maybe it can make it into 3.1.

addon developers and folder pain…pane

I’m working on addons right now that need additional features out of the folder pane in Thunderbird. You can see one example in my previous post, and another in bugzilla. I’m curious if addon developers have wanted to do something in the folder pane that was/is not possible.

managable email?

I remember the day when every email was to me, written by an individual, and more than often about something I cared about.  These days my inbox is a jumble of junk I could live without, except of course, for emails from you.  I think landing at Mozilla Messaging for a while may be the universe telling me to clean up my inbox.  My first projects are all about experimenting with some ways to help people have a better interaction with their email.  I’ll be posting more on that in the days to come, for the super curious, you can check out my bitbucket repositories.  I have a teaser for you though….