who’s mixedpuppy?

Hi there, this is me, Shane Caraveo.  You can find me several places under the same nick, on facebook, twitter, linkedin, some of my past coding work appears in ohloh, some current stuff on github and bitbucket (though I’ve only started to use those), probably other places as well.

What kind of work do I do?  Well I hack on software.  That used to mean (many years ago) PHP, which I did the early porting to windows, web server adapters, some soap stuff, misc other things.  The past number of years have been spent at ActiveState where I was a sr. dev, team lead, product manager.  Change happens, and now I’m hacking once again on Mozilla related code at Mozilla Messaging.  I’ve also run a couple conferences, spoken at many, organized the local (Vancouver BC) PHP user group in the early years, and other stuff I’m not thinking about right now.

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