using json-schema for exploring api servers

A while ago Google introduced an API Explorer for many of their APIs.  In Mozilla Messaging we had done a similar api browser for Raindrop that James Burke created, which we ended up using in the early days of F1 as well.  I’ve been meaning to make our api browser generic so that it could be used with any api server, and had played with it off and on over the past couple months.  In the last couple weeks I’ve found a few hours here and there to get that idea to a working state, at least for Python.  Here is an example of the API browser, along with a response from testing the api (lower part of right panel).

Following Googles information on API Discovery, I used json-schema for the base data format.  I then hacked up a UI from another project (design by Andy Chung) to show documentation based on that schema, and to allow interacting with the API through a form.  Since it’s based on json-schema, it can at least display the documentation for any API that provides a json-schema file.

Another big benefit of using json-schema is that you should be able to use the generic API clients that google has created against your own API servers, which only lacks in a pure Javascript implementation (they use GWT).

Here’s the same frontend showing the Google Books API:

In the server side Python code, I use a set of decorators for defining the top level application documentation and the documentation for each api endpoint.  Information from Routes is used to find the api documentation, then the json-schema is put together and cached on the first call to the server. A cool benefit is that I also use the schema decorators to validate api input against the json-schema.  You can see my full implementation in the apibase project on github.


  • decorators for Paste/Routes based applications
  • input validation for API endpoints
  • controller for retrieving schema
  • simple browser to the API
  • ability to use generic clients, no more writing client side api modules

Missing, or what might be next when I have time:

  • Authentication controls for protected APIs (e.g. Googles Explorer handles client side oauth)
  • Generally needs work and cleanup
  • Support for more than one API at a time in the browser, perhaps support remote servers that support CORS
  • Support for parameter constraints in the API browsers test form (e.g. min/max values for integers), although validation of those should be working in the server
  • Possibly use more information from Routes in generating json-schema
  • Expose more documentation in the browser (e.g. HTTP method of call)
  • Create a pure Javascript client library to work against json-schema enabled APIs
  • Servers for other languages? (e.g. node.js)
  • other ?


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