addon roundup

I thought I’d make some xpi’s available for some of the addons I’ve been working on, and while they are all available in either bitbucket or, sometimes a xpi is just easier.  They will be released onto AMO soon, but for the adventurous out there here’s the links:

Available on AMO now:

Mailing list filter: Auto filter your email lists into search folders, and optionally create real folders to get them out of your inbox.

Bulk list filter: Auto filter a bunch of common site notifications into some search folders


These are not officially released, may not even work for you, they are here for the adventurous.  If you install these, you will have to uninstall them later to update.

Attachments: an experiment at searching and viewing attachments, currently consumes lots of cpu on accounts with large amounts of email.

Thunderbird Sync: Same as Firefox Sync (aka Weave) but for Thunderbird, and adds sync for Address Books. Requires the install of two addons, weave-ext and weaver.

Contacts for Thunderbird: A snapshot of Contacts addon for Thunderbird, requires the install of oauthorizer and Contacts.

Overview: An addon from David Ascher that gives a summary page on folders, I cleaned up a couple things and here is the result.

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