now I can find that freaking attachment!

Update: I’ve made the attachments viewer available on AMO

Here’s a small addon for Thunderbird that provides an attachment search.  It shows you the actual attachment (if it’s an image), and searches across all your (gloda indexed) folders.  You can search by attachment category or using a full text search.

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  • What about supporting SeaMonkey? In many cases, porting Thunderbird extensions to SeaMonkey 2.* is as simple as adding a section in the install.rdf. The GUID is {92650c4d-4b8e-4d2a-b7eb-24ecf4f6b63a} (cf. ) and the current branches are 2.0.* (based on comm-1.9.1) and 2.1* (currently 2.1a1pre, 2.1a1 and 2.1a2pre) based on trunk (Gecko 1.9.3a).

    • AFAIK it should work in SeaMonkey easy enough, as you say. I only have so much time in the day, but am happy to take contributions.

  • I want it! This brings Thunderbird up to par with Postbox in my mind. Thanks!

  • What version is required to use it ?

    • I’m working against 3.1 nightlies so the install.rdf limits to 3.1 or better, but this one would probably work in 3.0, at least until I introduce html5 (did 3.0 have html5?)

  • Are you trying to tell me that until this point in time, Thunderbird never had the ability to search attachments? Geez I feel vindicated in never giving Thunderbird a substantial road test.

    What other critical features does Thunderbird lack? More to the point, how bloody long does it take to code a decent mail client? Thunderbird has been around in it’s current form about a long as Firefox. Does anyone think Thunderbird is at a similar level of maturity to Firefox?

  • Hey Shane, that’s very cool. I tried it out. One suggestion; you might want to throttle the image requests to having no more than 10 or so running at a time – I searched for jpg and got a pretty unusable Thunderbird.

    • benvienue: good idea, for some reason it didn’t occur to me that it was not being dealt with at a lower level, after so many years building on top of moz software, I should know better.

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