making email lists a little less painful

If you’re anything like me, you’re subscribed to a dozen or so email lists, all related to something you deemed important at the moment.  If you’re like some of the guys at Mozilla Messaging, you’re subscribed to several dozen email lists, most of which you forgot about.  They all pile up somewhere, possibly right in your Inbox.  This little addon (sorry, for Thunderbird 3.1 only, you’ll have to use nightly builds) identifies those email lists and creates a set of search folders automatically for you.  It also provides some basic UI for getting at things like email list archives, unsubscribing, etc.    Want to get those email list emails out of your Inbox?  The options dialog (available from any message that was sent from an email list) will help you get started with that.  Give it a spin, let me know what you think.

Make sure you download version 0.2.0, if it shows 0.1 the addon servers have not yet updated.

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